How to use personalised videos in your B2B sales proposals

What to include in your proposal walkthrough videos - Wednesday 20 September

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In today’s email, here are two very practical ideas:

  1. How to create a personalised video

  2. Proposal walkthrough videos

How do I create a personalised video?

If you’ve never created a personalised video, here’s what I recommend:

  1. Go to and open a free account.

  2. Watch some videos about how to use Loom.

  3. Record your personalised video.

  4. Embed your new video into an email or proposal.

  5. When your customer watches your video, you’ll get notified.

Proposal walkthrough videos

Probably the easiest personalised video to create is a walk-through of one of your proposals.

You’ve already done the hard work to learn about this customer’s unique situation and what they’re hoping to achieve. Why not increase the chances of communicating your proposals successfully with a personalised video?

I normally recommend that personalised videos are no longer than 59 seconds. This advice keeps us focused on the need for brevity and clarity. However, it’s probably OK to give yourself the freedom to be longer with a proposal walk-through video.

But don’t fall into the trap of being too long!

Here’s a proposal and video structure that you might use.

If you’re using, or your favourite video application, all you need to do is:

  • Have your proposal on your screen.

  • Put yourself into the small camera circle in one corner.

  • Hit record, and scroll through your proposal while talking about the most significant elements.

  • Finish the recording and embed the video into your cover email or into the proposal document.

Your proposal walkthrough video might contain the following:

  1. Introduction to your video

  2. Title - What is the summary title of your proposal?

  3. Summary - Start with a brief summary of what’s coming so viewers know what to expect

  4. Background - What has led to this proposal?

  5. Outcomes - What are the outcomes that this proposal will deliver?

  6. Recommendations - How do you propose to achieve these outcomes?

  7. Budget and ROI - What are the commercial aspects of your proposal, and how will the investment pay for itself (ROI - Return on Investment)

  8. Next Actions - Who needs to do what, and by when for things to proceed?

  9. Proof - The evidence that you can provide to increase your customers’ confidence with case studies, accreditations, etc.

Here’s one area of practice to emphasise today

Create at least one personalised video in one of your proposals today.

Coaching Focus

  1. Review your proposal walkthrough video with your sales coach or sales team leader. What are the best parts? What can you improve next time?

  2. Ask your customer for feedback on your proposal walkthrough video and discuss what you earn with your sales coach.

If you have questions or comments, it would be great to hear from you. Just hit reply and send me an email.

Have a great day!

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  • How to use personalised videos in your first-draft B2B sales proposals.

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