About Daily Sales Reset

  • The best way to improve performance is to practice daily.

  • The best form of practice is “deliberate practice”.

  • Daily Sales Reset is a newsletter that helps people in sales roles establish daily deliberate practice habits.

  • We want to make your selling 1% better every day.

What to Expect Every Day

  • Sunday - Your Sunday email will introduce the learning and practice theme for the coming week. A weekly theme helps connect new knowledge and skills to what you’ve already learned.

  • Monday to Friday - Every weekday, you will receive your email with a brief introduction to this day’s practice topic and a recommendation about how you can deliberately practice and improve your skills.

  • Saturday - On Saturdays, we ask you to reflect on what you practised and learned the previous week. We invite you to share some feedback on the quality of your practice and a brief comment about the evidence of impact on your sales performance.

  • Free Newsletter - The free version of Daily Sales Reset can be read in about one to two minutes.

  • Paying Subscribers - Paying subscribers get access to further resources about each day’s theme:

    • More suggestions for deliberate practice

    • Recommended search terms to learn more about the day’s topic online.

    • Specific prompts that your sales coach can use with you to improve the quality of your practice.

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