Sales commission based on your customer's success?

How to take greater care to define proposal objectives and outcomes more accurately - 10 October

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We all know that most people in sales roles are on commission. And that most of this commission is based on how much the salespeople sell.

What would happen if the way that commission was paid was changed from how much was sold to whether or not customers achieved the outcomes they’d been sold?

  • How might this change the way that salespeople sell?

  • If their income was related directly to the success achieved by their customers, might salespeople pay more attention to defining this success?

Of course, there would be a range of challenges in calculating commission in this way:

  • One of the most significant issues is simply that it often takes some time for customers to achieve the outcomes they were seeking.

  • But if it could be done in a way that worked, what might be the implications of paying salespeople’s commission when customers achieve the outcomes defined in proposals?

I suspect that in these circumstances:

  • Salespeople would take greater care to define proposal objectives and outcomes more accurately.

  • And that would be a terrific way of improving their selling and sales results. Regardless of how their commission is calculated!

Today’s Practice Focus

Develop proposals with your customers as if your commission will be paid only when this customer achieves these objectives and outcomes.

I’ll be very interested to hear your thoughts about the idea of paying salespeople based on their customers’ success!

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