Does Practise Make Perfect?

Practice coaching your customers to make this key skill more permanent - 16 October

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The theme for your Daily Sales Reset emails this week is how you can learn to sell more effectively by practicing.

You already know that practice is the act of doing something regularly or repeatedly to improve your skill.

Does practise make perfect?

I’m sure you’ve heard that “Practise Makes Perfect”.

The reality is that “Practise Makes Permanent”. If you practice the wrong things, you’ll make these wrong things permanent.

And once you learn to do something wrong, it can often be harder to unlearn so that you can replace the wrong way with the right way.

Example: Overcoming Objections

You know that Sales Reset is all about working collaboratively with customers.

If you’ve previously practised “overcoming objections”, you may find it hard to unlearn these objection-handling techniques.

Overcoming objections is the absolute opposite of coaching customers.

Practise coaching your customers

You know that coaching customers is a core component of Sales Reset. Coaching customers and helping them to define more accurately the outcomes they’re seeking is the central part of Sales Reset.

You’ll need to practise coaching customers to make sure that any previous practise of overcoming objections isn’t getting in the way.

Remember, coaching customers is typically all about asking them great open questions to help them define the outcomes they’re seeking.

Today’s Practice Focus

Practise asking your customers some great open questions today to help them to define more accurately what they seeking from their proposed investment in your products and services.

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Practice Does NOT Make Perfect!

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