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No Surprises! How to inspire confidence in our customers and colleagues

What can salespeople do to manage risk and expectations to give everybody more confidence - 6 Oct

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No Surprises!

For some people, this might sound a bit boring. They might say, “But I like nice surprises”.

In business, the reality is that most surprises are not nice surprises!

The reason for the largest number of surprises in business is that people have not thought through the implications of decisions sufficiently.

How many times in your own experience has a bad situation developed which was obvious with the benefit of hindsight but had not been foreseen?

A key part of your selling role is to help customers think through ALL of the most significant implications of their purchase. And this must include sufficient consideration of the reasons why things might NOT work out as we all hope.

“What Might Go Wrong?”

For lots of reasons, most people in selling roles are optimists. This optimism is great when salespeople are helping their customers understand the potential benefits of buying products and services. Optimism can inspire confidence to make an investment.

However, optimism is a VERY POOR characteristic in a project manager! Project Managers are paid to deliver project outcomes reliably.

And the reality is that the best salespeople, selling the most significant solutions, have to become effective project managers. If your focus is on delivering outcomes for your customers, you MUST ask, “What Might Go Wrong?”.

Here are some variations on the question:

  • If key colleagues don’t give their support, how will that affect this proposed investment?

  • What are the key things that need to be aligned for this investment to succeed? Why might this required alignment not happen?

  • How might the rollout of this proposed investment be delayed, and what are the implications of such delays?

I’m sure you can add lots of similar questions to this list that are specific to what you’re selling.

But shouldn’t salespeople always be positive?

You might say to me that salespeople should always be positive and optimistic in order to inspire confidence in their customers.

Yes, however, the more senior the people you’re dealing with in your customers, the more respect you’ll gain by helping them to think through the implications of “what might go wrong?”

The most senior people in business have experienced MANY surprises, and most of these surprises have not been nice!

Your customers will be more inspired to have confidence in you and what you’re selling BECAUSE you’ve had the wisdom and courage to ask, “What might go wrong?”

Here’s one area of practice to emphasise today

In conversations with your customers today, ask you customers a variation of “what might go wrong” and see their confidence in you rise!

Coaching Focus

  1. Role-play asking the question “what might go wrong” with your sales coach or sales team leader.

  2. Review recent challenges with actual customers to review what actually went wrong! How might these challenges have been avoided with better preparation?

If you have questions or comments, it would be great to hear from you. Just hit reply and send me an email.

Have a great day!

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