How much of your day will be spent selling today?

How to protect your selling time from distractions - 12 October

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How much of your day will be spent in focused selling today?

If you’re in a full-time selling role, will it be 100%?

Almost certainly not!

There are lots of things that come along to distract salespeople from selling:

  • Colleagues - Responding to a colleague who needs your help.

  • Customers - Getting back to an existing customer who has an urgent question and has come to rely on you for fast responses.

  • Managers - Replying to an email from your manager who needs some information for a report.

  • Insufficiently Qualified Prospects - Spending too much time on an opportunity that you should have the courage to drop.

How will you protect your selling time today?

Here are three recommendations about protecting your selling time today:

  1. Plan - Start your day knowing how much of your day SHOULD be spent selling.

  2. Time Blocking - Block out chunks of time in your calendar for focused selling as “busy”, both for your own benefit and so that colleagues can see that you’re unavailable.

  3. Recognise Distractions - With all of these preparations in place, you’re now able to spot distractions much more clearly.

The most experienced and effective salespeople become increasingly skilled with each of these strategies.

The best salespeople in the world concentrate the largest portion of their time on focused selling.

Does all of this mean that you’re never available to help your colleagues and customers? No, of course not!

But every time you’re distracted from selling, it should be a conscious decision to allow yourself to be distracted, not an unthinking habitual response.

Today’s Practice Focus

Decide how much of today will be spent selling and protect this selling time from distractions.

If you have questions or comments, it would be great to hear from you. Just hit reply and send me an email.

Have a great day!

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