Happy customers buy more, often MUCH more!

Improve your sales results by prioritising your customers' success! - Friday 15 September

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Why should you care about whether or not your customers achieve success with what you’re selling?

It’s obvious that if somebody is selling because they’re running their own business, they’re going to be interested in their customers having a great experience.

But if somebody is in a full-time, professional selling role? Why should they be interested in how their customers get on with the products and services that they’ve bought?

Some salespeople will make the case that once they’ve made their purchase, it’s entirely the customers’ job to make sure that everything works out OK.

And anyway, they might continue; they’ve got colleagues in customer service and customer success roles. Surely, it’s their job to look after customers and any issues?

Here are two fundamental reasons why “Customer Success Equals Improved Sales Results”.

1. Happy Customers Buy More, Often Much More!

When your customers achieve everything they expect from your products and services, they’ll stick around and buy more from you.

If your competitors try to take your customers from you, it’s so much harder for them if your customers have enjoyed the success they expected from you.

The lifetime value of customers who achieve the outcomes they expect is often massively greater than that of customers who buy just once, have a poor experience and never return.

2. Your Happiest Customers Become Advocates

If you’ve been around for any amount of time in the world of selling, you’ll know that the very best source of leads and opportunities is referrals.

Referrals are what happens when your customers is happy to tell the people they know about the success they’ve had with what they bought from you.

Your happiest customers can sometimes become passionate advocates for what you’re selling.

Customer Success - Your Role

You might be saying, that’s all very well, Peter, but what can I do to ensure that my customers have a great experience with our products and services? Ultimately, I’m at the mercy of my colleagues who deliver to my customers.

Are you suggesting that as a salesperson, I’m responsible for whether or not my colleagues perform effectively?

Of course not.

However, I’m definitely saying that salespeople must take responsibility to do everything possible to ensure that customers’ expectations are aligned with what their colleagues can deliver.

This means taking the greatest care to understand each customer’s unique circumstances and priorities. And then ensure that these needs can be met.

Your customers’ success starts with how effectively you manage every aspect of your sales process.

Here’s one area of practice to emphasise today

Remember in every conversation with customer today to focus on the outcomes and success this particular customer needs.

Coaching Focus

  1. Review the meetings you led this week. What do you recall about the most significant discussions you had about customer success?

  2. What can you do differently and better to focus more of your conversations with customers on their unique ways of evaluating success with your products and services?

If you have questions or comments, it would be great to hear from you. Just hit reply and send me an email.

Have a great day!

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