Customer Success Starts With How We Sell!

Our customers need more help than ever to define what they’re seeking to achieve - Review of W/C 10 September

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This is your Saturday Daily Sales Reset email. You are not required to read it or respond! You have the choice to wait until Monday.

However, you might take some time on your Saturday to reflect on all you learned and improved last week. This might be a great way to relax into the weekend as you celebrate progress with your Sales Reset!

Let’s look back on everything that you practised. Here’s a summary of our topics from last week:

  • Monday:

    • Topic - Customer Success Starts With How We Sell.

    • Practice - In every meeting with your customers today, focus your conversation on the success they’re seeking. Ask them to describe the outcomes that define success.

  • Tuesday:

    • Topic - Our customers need more help than ever before to define what they’re seeking to achieve.

    • Practice - In your conversations with customers today, ask them: “What are you seeking to achieve, and how will you know that you’re on track?”

  • Wednesday:

    • Topic - What will “Your Perfect Sales Process” look like and feel like?

    • Practice - Give yourself some time to reflect on how good it will be when you’ve developed all the knowledge and skills you need to achieve your perfect sales process!

  • Thursday:

    • Topic - How to fall in love with role play for your sales training!

    • Practice - Set aside some time with a colleague or your sales team leader for some role-play to prepare for an important conversation. Experiment and have fun!

  • Friday:

    • Topic - Happy customers buy more, often MUCH more!

    • Practice - Remember in every conversation with customers today to focus on the outcomes and success this particular customer needs.

Questions to help you reflect

  • In which areas of practice did you have the greatest success?

  • What was the impact of this success on your sales performance?

  • What didn’t go well?

  • How might you do things differently now that you pause and reflect?

We’d love to hear from you!

  • Your feedback will enable us to prepare the most effective Daily Sales Reset emails.

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How effective was your daily Sales Reset practice last week?

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